EasyAc makes it simple to allow easy access to Downpipes, Leaf Stopper Gutter

Guards and Awnings. Once you’ve installed the base plate, the lid cover slides on and off. Simple!

The patented system does not use screws so you won’t need a screw driver each time you need to take the lid off to get inside.

You never know when your downpipe or gutter guard might get blocked or need a clean. It might not require maintenance for years. But for less than $11, you can buy an EasyAc and be prepared for when the need arises.

EasyAc is made from Light Grey painted steel so it will last a long time. In consists of 2 sections – the base plate which is attached first, followed by the lid cover which slides on.

2 very big advantages

  • You don’t need to use screws when installing. EasyAc uses tabs which you push underneath with your fingers to create a tight hold.
  • By using the EasyAc 2-part system, you can gain access by removing the lid cover instead of unscrewing the panel on each occasion.