The Patented EasyAc® system can be used in many situations where access is required for cleaning or inspection purposes such as gutter guards, downpipes, awnings etc. EasyAc® is ideal for use on Leaf Stopper® Gutter Guard systems.

Installation on Gutter Guard

Mark out hole using base
plate as template

       Cut out hole in mesh


Secure base plate by bending and pushing tabs all the way firmly under

Slide lid over the plate and between the guides


  • Louvres should be pointing down
  • EasyAC® may be placed at the highest point along the length of the guttering to allow for water flow along the gutter and, above downpipe openings

Installation on Downpipe


  • Louvres should be pointing up
  • EasyAC® can be installed near the top of the downpipe, the offset or near the bottom

Additional Notes:

  • Silicon or adhesives may be used if required
  • Keeping base plate flat will allow the lid to slide on easier


This product may require the use of sharp tools such as cutting snips or blade knifes. Please always handle with care. When installing from heights, abide by building rules and codes.